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"Two Brothers" 

My very first Kamishibai story and my very first swap written two days after 9/11 it concerns war and its effects also possibly how Kamishibai started: 10 pics, one used twice.   

Note Jackie sent me a video of two brothers in Japan who perform Kamishibai

and one has lost his voice just like my Brothers Spooky!

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Contact the authors direct each pic in Jpeg and Dialogue in Word 2003. If you don't have a swap you can buy direct from the author. You can also advertise your swaps here free so long as you have the "rights" to swap  

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"The King with Dusty Feet"

  Traditional India story with about 

how shoes came to be invented 

original Pictures

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        "The Princess and the Pea"

                                                                                                                                                                       Traditional Ozzy story original Pics . 

         She also has an Ozzy tail called;   

           "Split Dog"  


Watch this space for more swaps soon!
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Traditional story about a family of thieves, written just before my laptop was stolen!
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"The Blind man and the Hunter"
Story about abilities and assumptions
Three new stories Scroll down!
New story old theme on Aesops fables from Melanie Plag in the Nederlands

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"Cracked Pot:"

Traditional folk tale:  It maybe, that what we see as our shortcomings,  are in fact our unique strengths. 7 cards but one is printed twice = 8

                                                                                                                    "La Cucharachita":

Traditional folk tale, popular in Spanish speaking countries. When the Cockroach mets the Mouse its a tale of love and compatability. 10 cards

Last three stories  from Jackie
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